Board of Directors

ADA SEPA has a diverse board comprised of long-term and newer members, all committed to progressive principles of social justice, economic equality and democratic government. Board members hold positions in city and state government, as well as in the non-profit sector, education, civic welfare organizations, and social advocacy groups.


Nathanael Brouhard, Chair

Alia Tanko, Vice Chair

Laura Caccioppoli, Secretary

Jim Moss, Treasurer


Karen Bojar

Rick Bojar

Jaime Bouldin

Anthony Carter

Alex Deering

William Ferrell

Mary Goldman

Kae Greenberg

Nina Gurak

Gregory Harvey

Carol Jenkins

Ronald Joseph

Marwan Kreidie

Harold Mesa

Glenavie Norton

Steve Paul

Pedro Rodriguez

Melissa Robbins

Stephen Rudman

Steven Sher

Jessica Way


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