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Open Leadership Positions

We need leaders!

ADA SEPA is looking for activists, advocates, and committed progressives to join our team. We need leaders who are prepared to take ownership of projects and initiatives, communicate effectively, and work to inspire others.

We’re committed to building a diverse and inclusive board that is representative of Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania. Candidates from under-represented communities, with a variety of skills, perspectives, and resources are encouraged to apply.

If you can commit to the responsibilities below and are passionate about organizing, progressive public policy, accountable government and elected representatives, and social, racial, and economic justice, you should consider applying.

Board Member Responsibilities

The Board of Directors of ADA SEPA is a volunteer-based working board, our board members carry the full responsibility of running the organization: planning and marketing events, handling logistics, identifying and cultivating donors, managing online presence, building coalitions of partner organizations, etc.

What are board members expected to do?

  • Attend board meetings, be present and actively participate in monthly meetings, in person or by phone, reviewing any materials in advance.

  • Contribute financially to ADA. Purchase individual ticket to the Awards Celebration, our primary fundraiser, and pay $55 in annual dues, half of which stays with ADA SEPA, the other half going to the national organization. We will make exceptions in cases of limited income.

  • Be engaged and communicate. Respond to emails and communications in a timely and professional manner (within 24 hours or less), be upfront about one’s ability to take on projects, and follow through with any tasks taken on.

  • Serve on at least one committee or working group, attend associated meetings, and share in its responsibilities.

  • Attend the majority of ADA SEPA events, candidate forums, workshops, public forums, etc.

  • Participate in the planning and execution of the Awards Celebration, an all-hands on deck event, share the event page within your network and, where appropriate, solicit partnerships from organizations.

  • Be an ambassador for ADA. Promote events and activities within your network, identify potential board and committee members, and facilitate relationships with influencers and other organizations in behalf of ADA.  

What is the average time commitment?

  • Board meetings: 2 hours per month.
  • Committee meetings: 0-2 hours or less per month, depending upon the committee.
  • On-going board communications and committee responsibilities: 30 min-3 hours/week.
  • Assisting with major events: 3-4 hours, three to four times per year.
  • Board retreat and/or strategic planning sessions: 6 hours per year.


We strive to pair board members with the work and issues they find most meaningful and to which they can bring enthusiasm and expertise.

The primary work of the organization is handled in committees and working groups. Board members serve on at least one committee and contribute time and effort to its projects and responsibilities. Committees meet regularly or as needed, are made up of both board members and non-board members, and are co-chaired by board members who share responsibility for leading the group.

Advocacy: Develops issue-based public events, contribute to strategic planning, build coalitions with community and advocacy organizations, track relevant local, state, and federal legislation, and organize around progressive issues.

Awards Celebration: Plans and manages the Awards Celebration, an annual fundraising event honoring civic leaders, community advocates, and agents for change. Handles event management, honoree nominations, presenters and speakers, venue and logistics, and communications (partner appeals, invitations, program book, host committee, social media, and online ticketing).

Communications: Creates and implements strategies for web, social media, email, and print. Handles external communications, content creation, public relations, and marketing, including website management, email blasts, social media platforms, and print collateral. Works with other committees on event promotion, fundraising campaigns, membership, sponsorship, and partner solicitation.

Electoral Projects: Identifies, recruits, and/or supports candidates for elected office in the Greater Philadelphia area. Determines effective ways to assist the campaigns of ADA SEPA endorsed candidates. Oversees the Democratize Philly coalition, a partnership of progressive organizations to support progressive candidates, increase voter turnout, and address electoral and voting rights issues in the city.

Endorsements: Responsible for candidate endorsement process, including drafting and distribution of questionnaires to candidates, arrangement of candidate interviews or forums, when applicable, and submission of endorsement recommendations for the board’s approval.

Events/Programming: Manages all aspects of public events and programming including concept and format development, organizational partnerships, logistics, advertising, and finance. Works in coordination with Advocacy on issue-based events, Fundraising for events including the annual Awards Celebration, and Communications on marketing and promotion.

Open Board Leadership Positions

Committee Co-Chairs share responsibility for leading their respective committee and fostering a collaborative, effective team that works together to create goals, set timelines, and identify priorities in their area for ADA SEPA.

Communications Co-Chair: helpful experience includes a background in communications, messaging, and/or public relations.

Advocacy Co-Chair: helpful experience includes background in advocacy or organizing on issues of particular relevance to the Philadelphia metro area (e.g. poverty, public education, criminal justice reform, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, etc.).

Electoral Projects Co-Chair: helpful experience includes proactive people management and an ability to build constructive, mutually beneficial relationships with other organizations, community members, candidates, and other stakeholders.

Events/Programming Co-Chair: helpful experience includes a background in events management (content development, budgeting, logistics), specifically related to the organization of political and/or advocacy events in the Philadelphia metro area, with existing relationships with local relevant organizations & vendors, OR a strong drive to create and manage said relationships.

Board Application

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