The Rot of the Right: The Gerrymander of the Pennsylvania Legislature

Our Commonwealth took a step in the right direction with the recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to scrap the gerrymandered Congressional map, created by the right-wing faction in our state legislature, to benefit people over party. While the Pennsylvania Supreme Court intervened to right a colossal wrong to our democracy, gerrymandered state legislative maps that have tied up our politics in gridlock to the detriment of Pennsylvanians still remain. The rot of the right begins here, with a party that abandoned principled advocacy in favor of selfish partisan math that deprives the people of Pennsylvania and resulted in serious consequences for governance in the Keystone State.

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Reflections on March for Our Lives

Gun-Control vs. Gun-Rights, and the future of activism.

Don’t get mad or give energy to the conservative backlash. Look at how the #NeverAgain activists are building a diverse and inclusive coalition and replicate it.

This past weekend the nation witnessed a riveting display of organized action rivaling the turnout from January’s Women’s March. Galvanized by the horrific murders at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, we stood witness to the next generation of leaders engaging in activism far sooner than I’d ever considered as a teen.

As a reaction to this movement, conservative coverage included comments such as  “sickening” and “cowardly.” As someone working in politics who has become quite frustrated with the current state our Union, I’d like to offer a few comments addressing the conservative campaign against gun-control, with an eye to the next generation of organizers.

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Change is Here: A Record Number of Progressives are now on ballot for State Legislature

As the midterm elections inch closer, the progressive tsunami approaches; a dream come true for good government activists and a nightmare for far right special interests. The wave of progressive enthusiasm and engagement is unprecedented with a record number of motivated citizens looking to make their mark in Pennsylvania.

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