Endorsements for November 5, 2013 General Election

Americans for Democratic Action Southeastern Pennsylvania has endorsed the following candidates in the November 5, 2013 general election.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court
Giovanni Campbell

Philadelphia District Attorney
Seth Williams

Endorsements for May 21, 2013 Primary Election

Americans for Democratic Action is happy to announce our endorsed candidates for the May 21, 2013 primary election. After review of all candidates and extensive interviews, we have identified the following candidates as exemplifying the progressive ideals for which ADA stands.

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court
#105 Vince Giusini
#110 Giovanni Campbell
#126 Stephanie Sawyer

Philadelphia Traffic Court
#147 Inja Coates

Philadelphia City Controller
#165 Brett Mandel

Endorsements for November 6, 2012 General Election

From Glenavie Norton, Chair: I know that I have said before in this space that we face a “must win” election. This has never been more true than it will be on November 6, 2012. At stake not only is the presidency but also both houses of congress and our future Supreme Court. If we lose these, our already imperiled democracy may cease to exist as a democracy and our identity–as a nation with opportunity for every citizen and equal justice for all–lie in ruins.  

In Southeastern Pennsylvania, we strongly urge you to vote for the following candidates and encourage like-minded voters in your community to do the same.

US President
#201 Barack Obama

PA Attorney General
#203 Kathleen Kane

US Congress
District 1: #206 Robert Brady
District 2: #206 Chaka Fattah
District 6: #206 Manan Trivedi
District 7: #206 George Badey
District 8: #206 Kathy Boockvar
District 13: #206 Allyson Schwartz

PA Senate
District 1: #206 Larry Farnese
District 17: #207 Daylin Leach

PA State House of Representatives 
District 26: #208 Mike Hays
District 150: #E27 Kelly Devine
District 151: #E27 Will Sylianteng
District 182: #208 Brian Sims
District 188: #208 James Roebuck
District 202: #208 Mark Cohen

Only if you are voting for the first time at a poll, must you present an ID such as current driver’s license, utility bill, lease, or voter registration card. Vote November 6, 2012. Polls are open 7 am to 8 pm.

Endorsements for April 24, 2012 Primary Election

Americans for Democratic Action Southeastern Pennsylvania has endorsed the following candidates in the April 24, 2012 primary election.

US Congress
District 6: Manan Trivedi

PA Senate
District 17: #207 Daylin Leach

PA State House of Representative
District 26: Mike Hays
District 151: Will Sylianteng
District 182: Babette Josephs and Brian Sims. Both candidates in this race were endorsed.
District 188: James Roebuck
District 195: Andrew Kleeman
District 202: Mark Cohen and Numa St. Louis. Both candidates in this race were endorsed

Endorsements for November 8, 2011 General Election

From the Chair: In a time when we are increasingly worried about party polarization and the Republican Party’s extreme rightward swing, ADA is pleased to endorse good government candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

The reign of Commissioner Marge Tartaglione is finally coming to a close after many decades. But reform will not be accomplished unless Democrat Stephanie Singer, who beat Tartaglione, replaces her as chairperson. The only way that can happen is if Republican Al Schmidt is elected instead of Republican incumbent, Joseph Duda. Otherwise incumbent Democrat Anthony Clark, a supporter of Tartaglione, will likely become Chair since Duda and Clark will vote for him. ADA has found Al Schmidt to be intelligent, thoughtful, and dedicated to ensuring that registration and voting in Philadelphia proceed in an accessible, transparent, and accountable manner. Vote Singer and Schmidt.

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Endorsements for May 17, 2011 Primary Election

Here are the candidates endorsed or recommended by the board of ADA of Southeastern Pennsylvania for the primary election on Tuesday, May 17. ADA did not consider candidates who are running unopposed in the Primary. As usual, judicial candidates are the most difficult to assess and we only consider those who contact us and respond to our questionnaire.

Commonwealth Court
#102 Kathryn Boockvar

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court
#105 Diana Anhalt
#111 Christopher Mallios, Jr.
#112 Barbara McDermott
#123 Drew Aldinger
#138 Sayde Ladov

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Endorsements for November 2, 2010 General Election

This is an absolutely critical election! The outcome means control of the US Congress, the PA Governor, the PA House and the re-districting of legislative districts. If the Republicans gain control in Washington, we can say goodbye to the reforms undertaken by President Obama and hello to the right-wing Tea Party fringe with its promises to undermine Social Security, Medicare, environmental and health care reforms, unemployment benefits, and stimulus spending, and return us to the Bush/Cheney era of no social safety net and no regulation.

At the State level, redistricting controlled by the legislature and the Governor will have a huge impact for the next decade, since districts are drawn after each census. The last time the Republicans controlled redistricting they gave us districts spanning 4 counties and gerrymandered many districts so that no real competition was possible. As we have learned the hard way, safe seats too often guarantee unsafe public policies and a diminished democratic process.

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