Endorsements for May 17, 2011 Primary Election

Here are the candidates endorsed or recommended by the board of ADA of Southeastern Pennsylvania for the primary election on Tuesday, May 17. ADA did not consider candidates who are running unopposed in the Primary. As usual, judicial candidates are the most difficult to assess and we only consider those who contact us and respond to our questionnaire.

Commonwealth Court
#102 Kathryn Boockvar

Philadelphia Common Pleas Court
#105 Diana Anhalt
#111 Christopher Mallios, Jr.
#112 Barbara McDermott
#123 Drew Aldinger
#138 Sayde Ladov

#164 Michael Nutter

City Commissioner
#169 Stephanie Singer

#173 John Kromer

Council at-Large
#179 Blondell Reynolds Brown
#180 Sherrie Cohen
#187 Andrew Toy

District Council
In two districts we recommend you pick from several candidates.
#1 Vern Anastasio, Joe Grace, or Jeff Hornstein
#2 Barbara Capozzi
#7 Maria Quinones Sanchez
#8 Cindy Bass or Greg Paulmier

While these offices don’t have the stature of the presidency, they have great influence in our day-to-day lives as well as serious impact on our community well-being. We know our ADA members will get out and vote. We urge you also to increase voter participation in this important but often overlooked election by sharing these endorsements and recommendations with your friends and neighbors.