Endorsements for November 2, 2010 General Election

This is an absolutely critical election! The outcome means control of the US Congress, the PA Governor, the PA House and the re-districting of legislative districts. If the Republicans gain control in Washington, we can say goodbye to the reforms undertaken by President Obama and hello to the right-wing Tea Party fringe with its promises to undermine Social Security, Medicare, environmental and health care reforms, unemployment benefits, and stimulus spending, and return us to the Bush/Cheney era of no social safety net and no regulation.

At the State level, redistricting controlled by the legislature and the Governor will have a huge impact for the next decade, since districts are drawn after each census. The last time the Republicans controlled redistricting they gave us districts spanning 4 counties and gerrymandered many districts so that no real competition was possible. As we have learned the hard way, safe seats too often guarantee unsafe public policies and a diminished democratic process.

We understand how frustrated and angry people are over continued high unemployment, our hyper-partisan Congress, the buying of elections by wealthy interest groups and individuals, the disastrous Supreme Court ruling on campaign spending, the growing deficit that Obama inherited from Bush/Cheney years, and the persistent notion that we can have an effective and caring society without paying for it or without a functioning government that regulates corporate excesses.

Obama has achieved much in the past two years and without the “just say NO” Republicans, he could have done so much more. We cannot allow the slim Democratic margin in the US Congress to become undone. This is not an election to parse candidates on any single issue. We must, as Obama said at a recent rally for Sestak – vote D for drive, not R for reverse!

The Tea Party Republicans will vote come rain or snow. They have a dangerous agenda and have fielded extreme right-wing candidates. Your vote can help stop them from undoing gains we’ve made in the short period of time since President Obama was elected. Every Democratic vote counts! Please do all you can by voting, donating and volunteering for the Democratic candidates in your district and for Joe Sestak for Senate and Dan Onorato for Governor.