Endorsements for November 8, 2011 General Election

From the Chair: In a time when we are increasingly worried about party polarization and the Republican Party’s extreme rightward swing, ADA is pleased to endorse good government candidates from both the Democratic and Republican parties.

The reign of Commissioner Marge Tartaglione is finally coming to a close after many decades. But reform will not be accomplished unless Democrat Stephanie Singer, who beat Tartaglione, replaces her as chairperson. The only way that can happen is if Republican Al Schmidt is elected instead of Republican incumbent, Joseph Duda. Otherwise incumbent Democrat Anthony Clark, a supporter of Tartaglione, will likely become Chair since Duda and Clark will vote for him. ADA has found Al Schmidt to be intelligent, thoughtful, and dedicated to ensuring that registration and voting in Philadelphia proceed in an accessible, transparent, and accountable manner. Vote Singer and Schmidt.

For City Council at-Large, we have endorsed the five Democratic candidates and Republican Dennis O’Brien. Seven At-Large Councilpeople will be elected and we think that O’Brien, who served 16 terms in the State Legislature, recently working with Democrats on legislative reform proposals, will be an excellent addition to City Council. O’Brien will bring a wealth of legislative experience to City Council, and a passionate concern for the city of Philadelphia and for public education.

We also endorse Mayor Nutter for a second term, both District Council candidates Maria Quinones Sanchez (District 7) and Cindy Bass (District 8), Katherine Boockvar for Commonwealth Court, and Diana Anhalt and Barbara McDermott for Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

You will be asked to vote to retain sitting judges for another 10 years. All judges at the state level have been recommended by the Bar Association, but three Philadelphia judges have been rated unqualified: James M. Lynn and Robert Rebstock for Common Pleas Court and James DeLeon for Municipal Court.

The growing attacks from the right against abortion rights, gun control, immigrants, and environmental regulations need your vigilant attention and weekly contacts with your elected officials in Congress.

And we urge you to contact your State legislators and the Governor to oppose school vouchers, fracking and cuts in the staffing of state agencies that make it increasingly difficult for people in need to access services such as food stamps and energy assistance.

ADA supports the Occupy Philadelphia movement across the nation and globe in opposition to growing income inequality, unemployment, foreclosures, and cuts in human services. People of all ages and ethnicities have joined this protest on the west side of City Hall in Philadelphia. Come and show your support.

It is sad to see how relevant these quotes from the FDR Memorial are today—some 80 years later:

No country, however rich, can afford the waste of its human resources. Demoralization caused by vast unemployment is our greatest extravagance. Morally, it is the greatest menace to our social order.

Please go to the polls on November 8th and demonstrate using the ballot box.