Endorsements for November 8, 2016 General Election

Americans for Democratic Action Southeastern Pennsylvania urges our membership to be involved in this extraordinarily critical election cycle. At few other times in our lives has an election been more important for our democracy. We must participate–on the ground, on the phone, person-to-person, monetarily. Let us hold true to ADA's values and invest in good government for our future by taking action in all the ways that we can.

ADA SEPA endorses the following candidates in the May 16, 2017 primary election.

President Hillary Clinton #101
Vice Pres. Tim Kaine
U.S. Senate Katie McGinty # 102

PA Statewide Offices
Attorney General
Josh Shapiro #103
Auditor General Eugene Pasquale #104
State Treasurer Joe Torsella#105

U.S. Congress #106
District 2 Dwight Evans #106
District 7 Mary Ellen Balchunis #106
District 8 Steve Santarsiero #106

PA State Senate #107
District 1 Lawrence Farnese #107
District 9 Martin Molloy #107
District 16 Nancy Dean #107
District 17 Daylin Leach #108

PA State Representative #108
District 61 Robert Wilkerson #108
District 146 Joe Ciresi #108
District 161 Leanne Krueger-Braneky #108
District 177 Joe Hohenstein #108
District 182 Brian Sims
District 183 Phillip Armstrong #108
District 200 Chris Rabb #108
District 202 Jared Solomon #108
District 188 James Roebuck #108

Ballot Question #1: Mandatory Judicial Retirement Age (Statewide)
Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to require that justices of the Supreme Court, judges, and magisterial district judges be retired on the last day of the calendar year in which they attain the age of 75?

Recommended vote: No. Please note this would be a change from the current retirement age of 7

Ballot Question #2: City Bond (Philadelphia Only)
Should the City of Philadelphia borrow ONE HUNDRED EIGHT-FOUR MILLION THREE HUNDRED THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS ($184,303,000.00) to be spent for and toward capital purposes as follows: Transit; Streets and Sanitation; Municipal Buildings; Parks, Recreation and Museums; and Economic and Community Development?

Recommended vote: Yes.