Stand Up for Progressive Values – Vote Sestak and Hoeffel

This year it is important to reaffirm the progressive ideals of ADA by supporting candidates who will stand with us into the 21st Century. While Republicans take a purposefully negative and totally obstructive course that moves more and more to the far right of the anti-government tea party movement, we must elect officials who we can count on to stay with us on vital issues.

Consistency may be the hobgoblin of small minds, but we are consistent in our liberal values and we are proud of it! That is why we have endorsed Joe Sestak for Senate and Joe Hoeffel for Governor. In a far more fundamental way than the other candidates for these offices, Hoeffel and Sestak subscribe to ADA’s principles of freedom, economic security, good government, democratic planning and enlargement of fundamental liberties.

We know there is a feeling that Specter should be re-elected because he has brought lots of money to PA. But we don’t believe that “pork” is a good way to run a government. And as we said here 6 years ago “A Senator should be more than a pork barrel!” Arlen Specter has often voted one way in committee and another on the floor. Now to win re-election, he has switched party once again. Remember he voted to confirm Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court and supported Bush tax cuts for the rich. In contrast to Joe Sestak who has been a consistent progressive. We believe Sestak will be dependable in his support for the ideals of ADA.

Joe Hoeffel certainly has been a constant of progressive principles over his years of public service. He is steadfast in his support for full funding of public education and for a woman’s right to choose. He is currently the only candidate who we have heard give the hard truth about budgets and taxes.

Concerns for good government and for civil liberties are beacons for ADA members. These qualities seem in short supply in today’s public discourse. We must make sure they are asserted and heard by exercising our right to vote on May 18.