Statement on the Results of the May 16th Primary Election

Americans for Democratic Action Southeastern Pennsylvania congratulates the candidates who won Democratic nomination in the May 16th primary election.

ADA endorsed Larry Krasner for District Attorney given his civil rights litigation record and campaign platform centered on criminal justice reform, including reversing mass incarceration, eliminating cash bail for nonviolent offenders, a practice which effectively criminalizes being poor, and correcting the abuses of civil asset forfeiture. ADA and its members will continue organizing around the progressive vision presented by Krasner and working to make Philadelphia a safer and more equitable and just city.

ADA has long been a strong advocate for ethical and accountable government. Rebecca Rhynhart, the Democratic nominee for City Controller, has pledged to increase government transparency and efficiency by releasing expenditure data to the public and annually auditing each city department. ADA supports these measures and looks forward to Rhynhart delivering on these promises of a more open and effective city government.

The following candidates for judge were endorsed by ADA and won Democratic nomination:

Superior Court
Carolyn H Nichols
Geoffrey Moulton
Maria McLaughlin
Debbie Kunselman

Commonwealth Court
Ellen Ceisler

Court of Common Pleas
Stella Tsai
Vikki Kristiansson
Lucretia Clemons

Municipal Court
Matt Wolf
Marissa Brumbach

Judicial races tend to receive less attention than others. ADA assists voters by conducting thorough reviews of judicial candidates and offering endorsements. Given the extensive evaluation processes taken on by the Pennsylvania Bar Association and the Philadelphia Bar Association, ADA does not consider judicial candidates who have not been recommended or highly recommended by the associations.