Endorsements for May 16, 2017 Primary Election

Americans for Democratic Action Southeastern Pennsylvania has endorsed the following candidates in the May 16, 2017 primary election.

Superior Court
#2 Carolyn H Nichols
#3 Geoffrey Moulton
#4 Maria McLaughlin
#5 Debbie Kunselman

Commonwealth Court
#9 Ellen Ceisler
#10 Todd Eagen

Court of Common Pleas
#13 Stella Tsai
#14 Vikki Kristiansson
#16 John Macoretta
#24 Daniel R Sulman
#29 Wendi Barish
#30 Leonard Deutchman
#32 Jennifer Schultz
#36 David Conroy
#40 Lucretia C Clemons

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ADA Supports May Day of Advocacy for Philly Schools

Caucuse of Working Educators

ADA Southeastern PA stands in solidarity with the Caucus of Working Educators and the rank-and-file members of Philadelphia Federation of Teachers on the May Day of Advocacy for Philly Schools as they demand a fair contract that will give Philly students the schools they deserve.

Join us, sign the statement of support, spread the word, and come out for the day of protest.

Here is the tentative schedule:

  • 7:30-8:30 am: Pickets at schools with staff, parents & community in solidarity.
  • 10am: Demonstration, rally & press conference at 440 North Broad. March to City Hall.
  • 11am: Visits to City Council members and the Mayor at City Hall.
  • 12pm: Un Día Sin Immigrant, Black & Brown Bodies Rally at City Hall
  • 4pm: PFT Educator Exit Rally at Lea Elementary, 4700 Locust St. March to Clark Park.
  • 5pm: May Day Rally at Clark Park, 43rd and Baltimore. March to Happy Hour (across the street).
  • 7pm: Happy Hour at Clarkville, 43rd and Baltimore.

Endorsements for November 8, 2016 General Election

Americans for Democratic Action Southeastern Pennsylvania urges our membership to be involved in this extraordinarily critical election cycle. At few other times in our lives has an election been more important for our democracy. We must participate–on the ground, on the phone, person-to-person, monetarily. Let us hold true to ADA's values and invest in good government for our future by taking action in all the ways that we can.

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ADA 1948 Civil Rights Plank Commemmoration with Rep. John Lewis and Rep. Keith Ellison

On July 27, 2016, while the Democratic National Convention was underway in Philadelphia, Americans for Democratic Action hosted an event commemorating the civil rights plank that was introduced during the 1948 Democratic National Convention, also in Philadelphia.

Press coverage:

Commemoration of 1948 Civil Rights Plank with Congressman John Lewis

This summer will mark the first time that the Democratic Party has held its convention in Philadelphia since 1948. ADA is organizing an event to commemorate the adoption of a strong civil rights plank at the 1948 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. Many consider this event the birth of the modern (progressive) Democratic Party.

At the 1948 convention, ADA orchestrated the adoption of the civil rights plank as a minority report to the party platform on the final day of the convention. The Southern delegations strongly opposed the civil rights plank. Alabama and Mississippi delegates walked out when it was adopted. Two weeks after the convention President Harry Truman, whose civil right program was the basis of the civil rights plank, issued executive orders desegregating the military and providing equal opportunity in federal employment. Southern Democrats responded by replacing Truman on the ballot with Governor Strom Thurmond of the States Rights Democratic Party. These “Dixiecrats" carried four states and 39 electoral votes. Nonetheless Truman won the four-way election with 49.55% of the popular vote and 303 electoral votes. The Dixiecrats continued to oppose and block civil rights in Congress through the 1960s.

John Lewis (far right) and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (center) marching in 1965.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (center) and John Lewis (far right) marching in Alabama from Selma to Montgomery in 1965.

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Endorsements for April 26, 2016 Primary Election

The national board of Americans for Democratic Action voted overwhelmingly to endorse Senator Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States.

Monday, April 4th, the Board of Directors for the Southeastern Pennsylvania Chapter of Americans for Democratic Action announced its endorsements in the April 26th Pennsylvania Democratic Primary. ADA did not endorse in races in which a candidate had no primary opposition. ADA is a nonpartisan organization and sometimes endorses in Republican primary elections, however, there are no Republican primary elections in which ADA had an interest.

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ADA Supports the Removal of Three Assistant District Attorneys

Americans for Democratic Action of Southeastern PA joins the Philadelphia chapter of the National Organization for Women, all the City Councilwomen of Philadelphia, and many progressive civic organizations in demanding the ouster of Assistant District Attorneys Patrick Blessington, Marc Costanzo, and Frank Fina.

While employed by the state and before they were hired by the Philadelphia District Attorney, Blessington, Costanzo, and Fina exchanged e-mails — racist, misogynistic, and homophobic – among themselves and others, including judges. By engaging in this activity, they manifested contempt for well over half the citizens they were appointed to serve impartially.

We believe it is clear that they should not continue to serve citizens they hold in such disdain. Their conduct in sending these e-mails has brought the entire criminal justice system into question, and raises concern about their judgment in all aspects of their work. Can African Americans, members of the LGBT community, and women, whether they are victims or possible criminal actors, feel secure that their matters will be investigated fairly and impartially? We think not.

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ADA SEPA Board Members Appointed to Kenney Transition Team

Mayor-elect Jim Kenney introduces his transition team which includes Pennsylvania Rep. Dwight Evans. (Emma Lee/WHYY)

Image credit: Emma Lee/WHYY

Congratulations to three members of the Board of Directors for Americans for Democratic Action Southeastern Pennsylvania for being appointed to Mayor-Elect Jim Kenney's Transition Committee:

Marwan Kreidie, Co-Chair of Immigrant and Multicultural Affairs
Pedro Rodriguez, Co-Chair of City Administrative Services
Andy Toy, Commerce and Economic Development

ADA also recognizes former board member, Numa St. Louis, who was also appointed to the committee under Human Resources.